Looking at Work

October 6 – We will begin by looking at some work that aims to introduce some approaches to work that we would like you to take on and consider through the first Semester. There have been some interesting films that have been made by the Sensory Ethnography Lab based at Harvard in the United States. The films made by staff and students raise a number of interesting approaches to using moving image that both looks back and looks forward. We will be initially looking at two of their recent films. One is called ‘Leviathan'(2012) and a more recent one ‘Iron Ministry'(2015). We will be comparing them both to historical documentary pieces on similar subjects ‘Man of Aran'(1934) and ‘Night Mail'(1936). We will trace the technical development and compare the methods.

Have a good look at the Projects on the Sensory Ethnography Site and begin to consider their films and the approaches that they are using.


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