Curate Project

There is a plan for the Curate Project that you all need to contribute to. A small group will take responsibility of building the project on Klynt but each student will need to provide the following:

  1. Your 2 minute ‘Poetic Project’
  2. A 30 second clip that you filmed of  the ‘Land Art’ that you created on Raasay either in the wood or on the beach.
  3. A 30 second interview of yourself (in English or Chinese) where you talk about the experience of making the work – the concept of feeling not meaning.

filming revolution.jpg

The Klynt group will define the face of the project. Here is one that could be useful as a model. Filming Revolution

Before we start putting the Klynt project together we need to prepare all of the media that we have already edited in Premiere, FCPX, Photoshop, audition etc.

The video codecs and output are really important to follow. The video has to be output as Mp4 with H264 codec. They recommend the maximum size to be 720p. This is a 16:9 ratio of 1280pixels x 720pixels.


All files need to be optimised as the whole Klynt project will exist online so the smaller the file sizes of audio (Mp3) Images (GIF, JPEG or PNG)  the better the experience for people accessing our stuff. That is there is less chance, even on slower connections, of the video, audio stopping to buffer.


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