Final Projects

There were some good proposals today discussed for your Final Projects and each week students will need to present their ideas in class so that we can discuss them and make plans for production. The students that are planning to shoot outside the UK will need to present first as we also need to complete an Application for Remote Study.

By next week all of you should have 2 or 3 ideas up on your blog which can include imagery, a written proposal and any research material that you feel relates to the project. As usual please include influences and inspirations that you may have. Each idea should have:

100 words on the subject – what is it about and who is in it?

100 words on the approach of the film – what style, mode or visuals do you have in mind? What is the audio soundscape?

100 words – when and where will it be filmed?

Please start a category for M104 Final Project and start making notes on a regular basis and remember to add imagery!

The deadline for submission of your Final Project including your blog is Thursday 24th August.


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