Skye Field Project “Elements”


The field project is an opportunity to really push your experimental ideas and practice. We hope that your previous experiments with Studio Artist, Isadora, Klynt, are taken further into unexpected areas. These experiments may then inform your final projects or the particular forms they take.

The time away gives a chance and space to look again, simplify, allow space and time to think and shoot.

Look at this Kentridge link about his process

The overall theme is titled “Elements” You will be producing an individual experimental piece that explores this theme as well as collaborative group pieces.

You will  participate in some workshops concerned with looking/describing the landscape and your body within the landscape. The workshops with visual artists, based on Skye, will not involve your cameras or film equipment. The focus on your own body, the rhythm of walking, cadence of steps, reach, will be the way you get to familiarise yourself with the space you find yourself in.

As well as walking there will be opportunities to be on, in and under the water. We are able to rent wetsuits and there will be a RIB boat to take small groups out into Raasay Sound, lifejackets will need to be worn.

The workshops can inform and push your own approaches. We will have room within Raasay house to spread out and work, edit, collaborate. Make sure you bring warm layers, waterproof boots, rain proof outer clothing as the weather can be changeable and occasionally wild.

A programme of what we will be doing will be introduced after dinner on the evening you arrive.

We will speak more on Thursday about preparation.





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