Klynt Session

It was good to see everybody today and go through Klynt in some detail, some of you are picking it up very quickly. The link I mentioned is below. You should all go through this and become familiar with the basics by next week. We will also be going through this next week for those of you who were challenged today.

Preparation of files is important on Klynt.

The video codecs and output are really important to follow. The video has to be output as .mp4 with H264 codec. They recommend the maximum size to be 720p. This is a 16:9 ratio of 1280pixels x 720pixels. The maximum bitrate is 5000. Make sure the export Bitrate for you clips is less than 5000 or this will create problems with buffering and operating.


All files need to be optimised as the whole Klynt project will exist online so the smaller the file sizes of audio( Mp3) Images(Gif, jpeg or png)  the better the experience for people accessing the site when it is uploaded. Use this https://imageoptim.com/mac to optimise your files.


We have until the end of June to get everyone to explore this software, curate the existing Klynt Raasay project and begin to devise another one for this year that we will gather material for on Raasay in April. Take a look at the Curate Project brief for more details.


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