KINO Thursday 2nd ICE @ 12:00

We will be meeting this Thursday to receive and view your submissions for the Kino Project. Make sure you bring in your personal laptops and have an mp4 file ready to give to us. If you have more than one piece to submit that’s fine.

Stefania will be in to assist those that have not completed yet and with exporting the files from Studio Artist. There was a question last week about the possibility of previewing in SA and Stefania has sent this which may help:

Once we have all the files on a hard-drive we will go over to THETANK at 16:00 to set up. Doors will open at 17:00 and the exhibition finishes at 18:00. We will project in and out of the gallery so will need to prepare a copy of the playlist to run on two projectors.

If you have not done so already make sure you email Craig Goddard to confirm you have downloaded Studio Artist to your laptop as the individual licence key expires if you do not confirm in time.




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