Looking Forward

20161208_164521.jpgPhoto Credit: Maria Fernandez Ortega. Featuring group poster led by Luka Mihacic and Kevin Rossin and still from a film by Cheng Cheng.

That is the end of the Semester 1. It was good to see all of you yesterday with your work on display to the public. We also got a sense of what needs to be done to make the sort of external projections we did with Dada effective. Imagery with high contrast or rich vibrant colours had the strongest impact. It was good to see all the Kino films projected also and not just viewed on a small screen. We have been on all your blogs and given feedback on all of your work so far. The grades have also been uploaded onto the ‘system’ so you should be able to access them. Drop me a line if you cannot and I will send it over (ken.fero@coventry.ac.uk)

Nick and I have been pleased with your progress, there have been some interesting films made and many of you have really begun to think and act with depth about the process of image and sound making. Quite a few of you have never made a film before so you should be pleased with what you have made and continue to improve your technical skills. You will see by the comments that there is going to be a need to constantly reflect on your work, the class content and discussion as well as anything that you feel is relevant to your interests whilst on the course. This MA is your space so feel free to contribute to even (especially) if it challenges what we present!

Over the next month during your rest, travels and Christmas Vacation keep recording sounds and imagery for your Kino Project. Remember when capturing imagery never look ‘at’ the subject but instead try to feel it. Look up, look down, look close but never look at. Use a macro lens as well as a wide lens and make interesting images not for what they represent but for the image it self. Consider tone, colour, pattern, line, frame, movement, shape in an abstract way. Most importantly – enjoy!

Important dates for Semester 2:

Class: 21st Century Narrative Forms every Tuesday starting 10 January in ETB05 15.00- 18:00

Class: Emergent Media Praxis & Sensory Praxis every Thursday starting 12 January in ICE 11:00

Immersive Field Trip to Skye & Raasay April 4 – 8

We will be in touch with any updates about the incoming software by email. Have a good vacation and if any of you are in Skye or London over the next month just let Nick or I know and we can meet up.


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