Exhibition Day Thursday 8 12:00 ICE


Everybody will need to be on this date to submit their Dada Project and participate in the end of term show. I will be in touch once the individual licence for Studio Artist arrives and Craig will be able to load it onto your personal computors this week we hope. In the meantime use the trial version on your laptops or loan the laptops in MLS or use the Macs in ICE to prepare your 10 second Studio Artist clip.

On Thursday we will need to make sure you have all exported your piece and prepared it as a 30 second repeated clip, Meera will be in again to help with this. We will also need to put all 24 films on a time line for the screening. This will need to be done by 3:30 before we go to set up the show in the TANK. While this is going on please remember to bring in some food and drink from 12:00 to celebrate.


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