Studio Artist – Support

After today you will all be able to understand the basics of Studio Artist to manipulate your clips. The next step is for you to continue to explore the various presets to find a style that you can develop. This should be done with your clip and if you do not have a body in motion then try to capture that this week. Make sure the clip is 10 seconds long and save it as a .mov file.



Here is a reminder of the steps you take.

Processing a Movie File with a Paint Action Sequence 

> Windows > Make sure ‘Layers’ and ‘Paint Action Sequence’ is ticked

> Operation> Presets> Paint Action Sequence

> File> New source and select movie> open

> Choose Paint Action Sequence present

> Action button (megaphone logo next to magnification buttons) to preview and select

>Action > Process with Paint Action Sequence

> Movie to Movie > Click on your original video file

PAS window to monitor progress

The file will export on completion

There are lots of on-line tutorials by Synthetik Go through the tutorials to explore aspects of the software and put up a couple of examples of your processed clips on your blog for next Thursdays session.


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