Jane & Louise Wilson


Jane and Louise Wilson have produced a number of films that are made for Gallery spaces so they usually involve multiple projections that show with their edges directly against each other.

Much of their work is based around spaces that have been used for secret government projects or for Government surveillance of citizens. So they have filmed in the old East European Stasi buildings just after the fall of the Berlin Wall and also had access to film some of the Russian space programme training of astronauts.

Some links to their work:




Their films use cameras and their ability to record detail as a way of “revisiting things for a second time”. This idea of revisiting is perhaps what film does all of the time and may be one of its unique qualities.

Like Jane and Louise we need to think carefully how we present our work in a similar gallery space, The Tank, in the new year. It is worth watching both clips below. Their own work particularly Stasi draws on the work of Tarkovsky (watch clip all the way through)

From the film of their work in a gallery space below you can see how important the spatial arrangement of projections next to each other is, each projection impacting on one-another  as  both edges of the projections rub against each other.

We need to consider this for our own presentation of work.

Stasi City mp4


Russian Space Programme Astronaut Training



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