INTIME Electroacoustic Music Day Saturday November 19th ICE

I have just been sent this. It’s not part of the MA course but for those interested in sound pieces it would be good to attend some of it. INTIME Electroacoustic Music Day featuring MUSLAB in ICE

 Oscilloscope A presentation of the installation Oscilloscope by Daren Pickles and Adam Collis

14.30 Concert: INTIME

  • Yiorgis Sakellariou – Stikhyia (25’)
  • Tom Williams – Home (Breath Replaced) 8-channel (11’)
  • Nicholas Peters – Golden Sunset, Blue Rain (20’)

16.00 Sudoku 126 Sound installation by Christopher Hobbs

17.00 Concert: MUSLAB International Festival of Electroacoustic Music

  • Mario Mary (Argentina) – Sal (9’)
  • Hippocrates Cheng (Hong Kong) – Time and Earth (4’)
  • Sandra Elizabeth González (Argentina) – Espacio imaginario (10’)
  • Elie Gregory (UK) – Eurocentrism (9’)
  • Ricardo Duran Barney (Mexico) – Ecoica (7’)
  • Zael Ortega Pérez (Mexico) – Oídos de Acero (10’)
  • Damian Jorge Ratto (Argentina) – Nollendorfplatz in the dark (8’)

Coventry University experimental music research group:

INTIME on Facebook (see photo album of INTIME2014/15):


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