Sound Composition

If you take two simple things from the creation of your sound composition I would like it to be the idea of montage that Murch describes and also his enthusiasm for trying things experimentally, well described in his notion of “worldising” sounds.

Montage, Murch describes as :

Philosophically I am very fond of the word montage. The root of that word is to build, to put something together, and is really the opposite of the English word editing, which is about separating or pulling something apart……Primarily what we do, – in both film and sound editing – is montage; we put things together.

I want you to really think about this idea of montage as described by Murch as you take your sound experiments forward into the Kino experimental piece.

The other thing that Murch talks about and describes is his fertile experiements, using very simple equipment….the notion of worldising, adding tones of places to dry studio recorded sounds.

The idea of spaces, rooms, environments having tone is some of what I want you to bring into play in your Kino piece.



From sound to dealing with sound and image. Lets have a look at some of the ways this is treated in THX 1138.

The film is a study of some type of future divorced from the natural world with absolute artificial control and surveillance of people in all parts of their lives.




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