Thursday 13th Tate Modern+St Pauls


We have been talking to you initially about sound…”wildsound”, Walter Murch Talking about use of sound as creating a tension between it and the image, “worldising” and the use of montage with sound, also the influence of sound concrete.

You will be creating your own 2 minute composition from your own “concrete” recordings. Together with sounds you will then be creating experimental, sensory images, that work in tension to your sounds. These works will be shown as an installation within the Tank space at Coventry.

At Tate Modern you will visit the current turbine hall installation “Anywhen”. You need to document your own response to this and the Tate’s Tanks with sound and images. So you need a device with you to capture sound and image, still and moving. The ideas provoked by the visit will feed into your sound/image exhibit in the Tank at Coventry.

The details of this project will be disclosed after the visit itself.


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