Sound Concrete Project: 2mins

I want you to listen to Walter Murch talking about sound.

Some of his influences Sound Concrete, Pierre Henry I want you to take as your starting point to turn found sounds in the environment around you to create a soundscape that is of the world around you. It is an opportunity to listen freshly and build a library of your own sounds that may then be re combined, re sampled, montaged, to create a concrete composition of found sounds.

It is important that you read the two interviews below and think carefully, particularly about two things Murch refers to in his own practice as it developed. The idea of the sound working against the image. Leaving the listener/viewer the space to interpret and make sense of the gap between image and sound. Treating the listener/viewer as an intelligent participant in the work……….and having to work to resolve what is going on.

He also talks about “worldizing” his sound production. This technique shows how he experimented to try and achieve the affect that he wanted at a particular point. We will look at some of the examples in his own work, THX, and the work of others like Orson Welles.

Murch refers to his Homage, and subsequent copyright problem with the sound of a squeaking barn door in Normandy that Henry recorded and then used in his composition: Pierre Henry’s “Variations for a Door and a Sigh” Follow the link and listen to the sound track.
This is 24min 31 seconds long. Your piece will be 2 minutes long.

Also worth listening to his collaboration with Pierre Schaeffer:


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